Estée Lauder

The Future of Beauty

Estée Lauder


To reveal latent needs of modern women across two very different cultures in a way that would allow the Estée Lauder Companies business to develop meaningful new innovations to fit with a key sustainability pillar.

Key Challenge

The research questions suggested the need for true (around the clock) ethnography, however the timings and resources allocated to this project would not stretch this far. Could we use more traditional research methods and create a greater focus on the insight distillation and engagement process instead?


An online community in the USA and Japan was conducted to elicit the required data which was brought to life creatively working in strong collaboration with the Estée Lauder insights lead.


Through collaboration, kubi kalloo and Consumer Insights on Estée Lauder Companies were able to deliver the Illuminations about the future of modern beauty in an engaging and perspective changing way. As a result, the business has not only validated insights and new language, but identified Consumer-Relevant innovation Territories and created ideas that beat successful benchmarks providing confidence in the work done.