Atishoo! Did Somebody Say U&A?

“kubi kalloo took a challenging business issue and turned it into a project with conclusive and actionable recommendations, engaging all stakeholders along the way. kubi kalloo are intelligent, professional, and have that rare ability to turn complex data into tailored and user friendly reports. I would happily work with them again!”

Head of Insights, Kleenex Europe



Can a Usage & Attitude study really add value? Or are they unnecessary investment in data and unnecessary chart fatigue?

Key Challenge

In some companies, Usage & Attitude studies have become a dirty word. How could we reinvent them to deliver something truly inspiring and actionable? Something that would deliver a blueprint for brand and business growth?


Through sharpening the questionnaire process; more strongly integrating qual and quant within the same time frame; through combining shopper and consumer methodologies and employing a much stronger focus on strategic ILLUMINATION, not just data-based reporting, kubi kalloo has been able to inspire clear strategic opportunities for the Kleenex business.


A strong play in hay fever has resulted in significant sales uplifts for the business, carving out new opportunity and ameliorating seasonal demand fluctuation. Meanwhile, the cold and flu illuminations challenged thinking and provided clear growth opportunities for innovation and brand activation.