Sailor Jerry

Under the (tattooed) skin of target consumers

“kubi kalloo has a unique ability to really get under the skin of a brand. They immerse themselves in the brand world which results in truly insightful research outputs. They are unafraid to pioneer new ways of doing things in order to get the best outcome.”

Strategic Planning Manager, William Grant & Sons Irish Brands Ltd


Sailor Jerry had identified its core target, but needed to dig beneath the skin of the target in the US and Australia, or risk relying on preconceived beliefs about their consumer heartland.

Key Challenge

The defined target is very niche and considered unlikely to want to take part in market research. How to truly engage them within a limited budget?


kubi kalloo talked the language of the target and engaged them through a highly creative and expressive online gallery and engagement platform which they seriously enjoyed. We also worked very closely with the recruiters in both markets, going to extraordinary lengths to evaluate each respondent to make sure we were talking to the right people.


A deep dive into the culture and the way of life of the core target using captivating stimuli combined with professional documentary making helped the client achieve a new depth of understanding and inspire the global team and communications agency about what life as a committed advocate was really like.