What can I say to make you love me?

“We love working with kubi kalloo because they think differently, which in turn makes us think differently about our category and brands and takes us to a new and better place. We know we can rely on them to bring a deeper level of analysis, interpretation and thinking to findings, which really helps us to unlock fresh insight on issues and opportunities and get to stronger ideas for the business as a result.”

Global Director – Insights & Planning



A global FMCG company (confidential) needed to know which stories to tell globally, and in each of its local markets, to truly ignite brand passion.

Key Challenge

Too many possible stories and markets to use traditional methods. How could we prioritise communications messaging whilst balancing global and local market needs?


A tailored self-explicated choice model designed and implemented across 11 markets supported by regional qualitative work to prioritise messaging.


kubi kalloo’s Storyselling™ methodology provided clear prioritization and communication impact estimation and helped align global and local communication needs.