About us

Kristin Hickey


Kristin is the founder of kubi kalloo. She is passionate about combining right and left brain thinking in research, and about combining business acumen with fresh research thinking to ensure insights are inspiring, and delivered in a way that is commercially practical. Kristin is a passionate writer, public speaker, statistician, artist and innovator. She is a well versed speaker at ESOMAR and author of two books in services marketing.

Hetta Bramley

Director of Insights & Planning

Hetta is a pure-bred quali who loves to travel the world, speaking with amazing people in random ways – from travellers to toddlers, in cars or caravans, tower blocks and mansions, understanding their needs and translating them into business opportunities. She is lucky enough to have worked across a wide range of categories, from investment to impotence, cold drinks to hot soup and offensive language to fast cars.

She relishes the challenge of applying her marketing and research expertise across a range of differing business needs, and prides herself on being able to translate the stuff that really matters into actionable insights.

Chris Warren

Director of Quantitative Research

Equally passionate about burying his head in statistical packages as he is about ensuring insights are communicated in an approachable and engaging manner, Chris joined kubi kalloo in Summer 2016 as Director of Quantitative Research.

Over the last decade, Chris has worked on a variety of international quant and qual studies focusing on brand tracking, packaging optimisation, pricing research and automotive launch strategy, everywhere from LA to Shanghai and a lot of places in-between.

Chris loves: Innovative methodologies and has recently utilised Neuropsychology, Augmented Reality and Prediction Markets to great effect

Chris hates: Quant research that is not designed to engage

Shreena Soomarah

Operations Manager

Previously described as an organisatrix, Shreena joined us via art school, music video production, and multilingual office management.  Proactive, methodical, and project-driven, she thrives on being an advocate for her team, embraces impossible challenges, and loves a good spreadsheet.

Tom Welborn

Account Director

Tom is a quant-qual researcher with experience in the sportswear, sports-sponsorship, luxury travel,  FMCG, beauty and finance categories, to name a few.

He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands as well as some of the smallest emerging brands in the UK. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 1 on 1 in-depth interview, or a national segmentation, Tom’s goal is the same… to generate findings that are just as actionable as they are insightful

Jordan Smith

Account Director

Armed with a mixed methodology background, Jordan has a passion for applying human-centred insight to those particularly tricky marketing & advertising challenges.

Over the years he has worked on both domestic and international projects, moderating in both English and French, for big blue chip companies as well as the smaller independents. He loves insight that has lasting impact, so thoroughly enjoys facilitating client stakeholder workshops that bring different teams together as well as using immersive story-telling and creative media in his outputs

Louise Hanger

Research Manager

Fascinated by what drives decisions and motivates behaviour, Louise loves using quant research to get to the heart of what’s going on and why.

She’s enjoyed using her research skills across a range of sectors, including shopper, FMCG, tech and the public sector. From large global projects to researching views on a single street, she’s relished the diverse challenges of market research in all shapes and sizes, getting immersed in a variety of industries and bringing fresh insights to the table.

Stacey Ng

Research Executive

Stacey is a qual researcher, curious about understanding how people perceive and think about the world.

She completed a Masters in Anthropology, for which she conducted ethnography independently in China on wedding ceremonies and social relationships. She has since transferred her analytical thinking skills to unearth valuable insights for global FMCG, gaming and alcohol brands in English and Mandarin.

She enjoys observing online communities, carrying out fieldwork and participant observation to produce actionable findings.

Jake Finn

Senior Research Executive

With experience across a differing background of quantitative research, Jake has a passion for the story that data tells.

He’s dived into a range of international projects; tackling advertising, packaging, point of sale, usage & attitudes, triggers & barriers and a range of other weird & wonderful projects.

Jake has developed his research skills across a range of different clients, from FMCG, right the way through to the banking & finance sector. He has a passion for figuring out the new & different, and loves understanding the why in the data.


Director of Mischief

kubi is Kristin’s French Bulldog pup. He’s passionate about all elements of being a dog, but truly excels in the field of knocking over paper bins and running away with rustling paper.

kubi has worked with balls and pig ears everywhere from the office to Hoxton square. A popular and influential member of the local dog community and a respected and revered leader in the office, kubi is a huge asset to the team.

Fiona Faris


Fiona loves to understand why things are the way they are, is passionate about numbers and consumer psychology, and gets a thrill from tackling all kinds of business challenges. With nearly 20 year’s experience as both a quali and quanti, she has worked across numerous categories and businesses, providing meaningful solutions and real, actionable insights.

As an intrepid traveler, Fiona has especially relished global work which has taken her to new, diverse markets. She is inquisitive, energetic, fun-loving and 100% results-focused.