2017 – A spirited year

2017 is an exciting year for us with the launch of our Spirited sub-brand.  Designed to leverage 20 years’ worth of consumer insight, strategic, brand planning and innovation experience in the wine, beer and spirits category, kubi kalloo’s Spirited offers clients the opportunity to not only conduct regular consumer research, but to also tap into a wide array of more innovative strategic opportunities.  These include:

Specifically designed for boutique wine-makers, brewers or distillers who might not have the usual budget to invest in high-end brand and advertising development, the opportunity to purchase off-the-shelf branding (brand) packaging, logo design, brand story) designed to tap into identified category brand gaps or growth areas;

Through consultative partnerships with wine experts (sommeliers, Masters of Wine, viticulturists, educators and wine-makers), the opportunity to access expert advice, KOL interviews and trade insight cost-effectively;

Expertise in global beer, wine and spirits brand and advertising tracking to support our work in branding and innovation in very pragmatic and commercially accountable way.

An exciting time and a truly Spirited year to look forward to!

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