I never thought I was that vain…

…until the unexpected occurred. Like most market research agencies, I guess we didn’t even realise we had a mirror in our office until the day we didn’t have it. If you’ve ever visited the kubi kalloo offices in Old Street, you’ll know our furniture is sourced from the ‘playground’ and art deco sections of one of Italy’s most wonderful antique arcades (complete with Leo the horse whose picture graces our blog this month).

Of course, our rather psychedelic bathroom was also lit with a laminated mirror from aforementioned shores, so equally predictably, (in hindsight of course), the lighting would short-fuse itself and the entire mirror removed for repair.

And so ensued a period of mirror-less kubi kalloo existence. Now, you’re probably asking why this is vaguely interesting, let alone the topic of an agency blog. Well, the truth is that, if you had asked any of the kubi kalloo team how important it was for them to have a mirror in the bathroom, I would hazard a guess that the response would have been ‘not at all important’; ‘bottom two box scores’, or whatever methodological or analytic equivalent you might prefer. The truth is, none of us had any idea of the social and psychological impact that single mirror played in our personal and collective lives at kubi kalloo. All of a sudden, the reality of loss aversion and the true importance of deprivation studies as a means to highlighting the true impact of meaning for elements of our lives so deeply rooted in the unconscious becomes highlighted.

Deprivation studies that deny consumers of a behaviour they are aware of is a wasteful exercise. Deprivation studies that deny consumers the experience of a brand is of limited value – as resourceful humans, we are trained in the art of substitution, so these experiments are rarely unconscious and, therefore, ‘interesting’ at most. Deprivation studies, however, involving aspects of everyday life that are barely regarded, let alone noticed, can reveal truly rich and meaningful insight about what is important in the context of modern living. It is these types of revelations that will continue to provoke ideas and inspiration for change, and has reinvigorated our first-hand understanding of the importance of well-founded and tested research techniques.

I don’t wish you the seven years’ of bad luck mirror breaking might confer, but I do implore you to find an everyday experience you’ve never considered of enormous value in your business or home environment and change it. What’s the worst that can happen?!

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