Why art makes us happy

We love art.  Traditional, modern, photography, sculpture, street art… all forms of art.  Not only is it a core medium of story-telling in our industry, art has a far more powerful and meaningful role in world.  Put simply, it makes us happy.  And what could be more meaningful than that?

A recent scientific study conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, Chair in Neuroaesthetics at University College London reveals that art has the power to generate as much joy as being head over heels in love.   Which begs the question, why does art make us so happy?  Furthermore, how can take advantage of this gift in business and marketing?

First, let’s address the ‘why’ question, albeit in layman’s terms – a far cry from the knowledge Professor Zeki is clearly able to contribute.  Simply put, looking at (attractive art) increases the blood flow to the parts of the brain responsible for generating pleasure and desire, mirroring the feelings of looking at someone whom you love.  Indeed, the blood flow amongst the random sample was proportionate to the degree to which the respondent liked the art piece being tested (a range were explored), confirming what has been intuitively known for years, but supporting the ongoing importance of art in society.

Our reason for loving this evidence is more pragmatic – that is, we believe a shared passion for art and design can add enormous value to our client relationships, particularly, (but not exclusively), when it comes to product and packaging development.  For this reason, we’ve expanded our repertoire of design experts to support kubi kalloo – forging partnerships with Chris Bangle – former head of design at BMW and world design legend; Elisabetta Tovo – an extraordinary architect and interior design consultant and Andrew (Grassi) Kelaher – Australian artist, snow sculptor and super talented experiential street artist.  Delighted to be able to tap into these diverse resources in addition to our traditional design and video production partners to support the transition of conceptual ideas into tangible products, spaces, or just beautiful things to admire!

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