Our experience

“kubi kalloo are a very exciting group of people. We have worked with them on a number of global projects- including bar tender and consumer research. In a short time, they developed a deep understanding of all aspects of our brand and have given us some interesting insights which have helped us fine tune our strategies. Their presentations not only look and sound great, they are thought provoking and go straight to the core of the matter. We always come out of our meetings with kubi kalloo with new thoughts and ideas from seeing our brand through fresh eyes. They are an enthusiastic and driven team who have excellent standards of interviewing and presentation. They are a delight to work with.”

Global Brand Manager, Sailor Jerry
William Grant & Sons Ltd

“Working with kubi kalloo has been an enlightening experience. The best analogy I can come up to is working with Agatha Christie or Edgar Allan Poe but instead of solving a police mystery, the joy has come from seeing insights where others did not and understanding the big picture “plot” for strategic and actionable business outcomes.”

Consumer Insights, Executive Director – Innovation and R&D
Estée Lauder Companies

“In a nutshell, we love working with kubi kalloo because they think differently, which in turn makes us think differently about our category and brands and takes us to a new and better place. We know we can rely on them to bring a deeper level of analysis, interpretation and thinking to findings, which really helps us to unlock fresh insight on issues and opportunities and get to stronger ideas for the business as a result.”

Senior I&P Manager – European Innovation

“Take a clever, active brain and a deep, perceptive soul. Insert the brain in a good-looking woman with piercing blue eyes. Educate her to the highest degrees in different fields. Make her hungry for knowledge and understanding. Teach her a few foreign languages. Gift her in all arts. Transform her into a well travelled lady, whose mind has memory of all continents.

Then ask this lady to approach any kind of topic. She will never come up with something you’ve heard before. In spite of all she knows and all she has experienced, her thinking is paradoxically free of influences and creatively, cleverly pure.

This is Kristin.

I definitely agree with philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see”. I’ll say no more!

PS: I met Kristin here in Italy a few years ago, by chance. The year after I became her architect and, once aware of her professional abilities, I asked her to lecture in Asti, Piedmont, at the conference “The Future of Asti”, together with the Portuguese architect Gonzalo Byrne.”

Elisabetta Tovo, Italian architect